Why Choose SeoQart?


  No Setup Cost

For a limited period, we have waived the setup cost altogether. Normally this is charged as a one of fee.


  Pay by Card

SeoQart supports all major credit and debit cards. 

  No Software to Install

SeoQart is a hosted application, which we manage and support. You as a customer do not require any software to install on your computer. All you need is a computer with Internet connection to run, maintain and manage your online shop or online stores.


  Pay by Bank or Wire-Transfer

SeoQart supports bank transfer payments methods and puts all orders in a separate queue where a deferred payment method is used.

  No Contract to Sign

SeoQart online shop system can be tried for FREE of cost for up to 30 days. You are not bound to carry on using it should you not like the system. If you like the functionality of our shopping cart system then you can sign up for monthly billing or yearly billing cycle. Please do not get confused contract with
terms of use


  Pay on Account

For clients who have a credit line setup with you, a Pay on Account method is available. You can control who has this option available and to what credit level.

  No Design Skills Required

SeoQart shopping cart system comes with ready to use pre-built templates. You do not need to be a designer or developer in order to setup your online shop. All you need to do is to upload your products, setup prices and attach any images that you may have. Your online shop is ready!


  PO Number Support

Your customers can submit their own purchase order number. A credit line can also be setup for customers.

  Instant & Easy Setup

There is no waiting period. As soon as you sign up for a FREE trial, an account is created for you there and then. You could be running your demo online shop within minutes.


  Automatic Emails on Order     Confirmation

SeoQart send order confirmation emails upon order submission. These emails can be customised according to your own needs.

  Pre-built Themes

Each template comes with one or more themes. This allows you to pick the colour and style that closely matches with your brand. We do offer customisation of these templates. Should you require any customisation or a brand new design for your shop, our website designers will be happy to work with you.


  Duplicate order prevention

SeoQart has a build in system that detects and prevents duplicate order submission, if activated.

  Free 24/7 Support

SeoQart professional design, development and support teams are available round the clock. If your business is running 24 hours a day, so is ours. 


  Repeat Orders

SeoQart allows repeat customers to submit previously used orders by one click. This saves time for your customer and gives you an order quickly! Repeat orders can be initiated by the customer or by the shop owner/operator.

  Daily Backups

We perform daily backups and offsite storage of our Servers in order to deal with hardware failures. Our standby servers in secondary locations are replicated on a daily basis.


  Invoice Production

Each order generates an invoice, which is available for print at the end of order submission. This can also be emailed to the customer at a later date.

  Free 14 Days Trial

SeoQart is available for a no obligation 14 days trial. Take a test drive, build your site and see if it works for you. At the end of the trial, you can continue to use your website when you buy one of the regular packages. (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum)


  Quick and Easy Registration

SeoQart supports single screen registration and order submission. This depends on the template that you select for the customer order journey.

  100% Money Back Guarantee

Even after the trial period, if you are not happy with the system and decide to have your money back, within the first month, you can do so. No quibble.


  Multiple Delivery Addresses

SeoQart keeps and maintains multiple shipping addresses for a customer. These addresses are presented to the customer for subsequent orders for a quicker customer experience.

  100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We endeavour to meet customer requirements until they are 100% satisfied. Happy customers are more important to us than anything else we do.


  Coupon Code System

SeoQart has a built in coupon code system, which can be used with promotional offers. Coupons can be linked with products, basket and offer discounts and % or a lump sum off. These can have expiry dates, reports can be run to see the effectiveness of the coupons.

  Ready Templates

We have hundreds of ready templates available to choose from. These are built specifically for the most popular industries.If the template you are looking for is not available we will develop one for you from scratch, for a charge.


  Delivery Charges, Based on
  Weight and Fixed Cost

A shop owner can setup its own delivery charges, which can be weight based or a fixed fee. These rates can vary for different postal addresses, regions and countries.

  Custom Design

We understand that you as a business owner would want to maintain the uniqueness of your brand. We therefore offer custom build designs by our professional designers to match your brand. If you do not have a brand, we can create one for you. Have a look at our logo design, stationery design and website design packages.



SeoQart supports multi-currency pricing structure. However, one shop can have only one active currency at a given time.

  Unlimited Online Stores Under a
  Single Account

SeoQart allows an online storeowner to run multiple online shops under a single account. This is ideal when you are selling different line of items and want to appear as separate businesses to the consumer.  Also you can trade under different names but sales can come to a single management portfolio. You could also run virtual competition by setting up different online shops yet, maintained and managed under a single account. Orders coming from websites come under one account thereby easy to manage.


  Tax/VAT Options

SeoQart allows a shop owner to build a tax table and define rules to levy taxes as per the requirements.

  Unlimited Areas for each Online

Each online shop setup under SeoQart, can have unlimited number of areas. Areas are at the top of categories.


  SSL Compatible

SeoQart websites are SSL compatible. A shop owner will need to buy a SSL certificate in order to encrypt date transmission.

  Unlimited Categories for each

Each SeoQart online store can have unlimited number of product categories. Categories are linked with Areas at the top level and with products at the lower level.


  Clean HTML

SeoQart generated online shop is built using industry standards. It is fast and uses clean HTML.

  Unlimited Products for each

Each category can be linked with unlimited products under each online store. A product can also be linked with multiple categories so if your customers are searching a product by category names, then the products can be listed on the search engine results as well as on your own online shop.


  SEO Friendly URLs

Seo Friendly URLs are at the heart of SeoQart shopping cart system. All URLs are created as a FDQN URLs and no conversion or redirection is required. All URLs are easily index-able with search engines therefore enhancing your chances to be searched on any of the data or parameters used on a given page. Not many online shopping carts can compete with this feature alone!

  Unlimited Pictures for each

Each product can have an unlimited number of pictures to help sell the product better. The SeoQart system takes one input of a high res picture and creates all the relevant smaller images negating the need of uploading separate pictures.


  Page Titles, Description, Keywords
  and Folder Structure

SeoQart’s built in system allows you to define page tiles, Meta description and keywords with every product. Its unique folder structure system makes URLs easily readable both by humans and search engines spiders. No page extension is shown. No parameters are passed in the URLs either.

  Unlimited Product Options

Each product in SeoQart system can be linked with unlimited number of product options. Product options can be thought of as add-ons or variations of a product.


  Bestselling List

SeoQart templates have many build in controls, such as bestselling products, products bought together, products on offer, products by vendor, products by feature, products by colour and so many other filters to make it easier to find a product by any relevant form of search term.

  Unlimited Product Features

Each product can be linked with unlimited number of features, where each feature can have different value when linked with separate products. Think of dimension as a feature, but dimension values for various types of TVs and monitors can be different. You will not need to build features each time you link them with a product, but just the value.


  Related Products

SeoQart allows setting up related products so that they are displayed as “customer who bought this also bought these”.

  Unlimited Product Add-ons

Each product can have unlimited Add-Ons which can either be bundled as a package or sold as a separate item.


  Product Reviews

SeoQart allows customer to submit product reviews and give a star rating. The shop owner then publishes these reviews after verification. A shop owner can also setup reviews that may be received from the customer over the phone or through email etc.

  Unlimited Documents

SeoQart comes with a document management system allowing you to build a library of documents, such as brochures, product specification documents, user guides and other documents that need to be made available for downloads.


  Cross Selling facilities

SeoQart reporting system allows a shop owner to analyse data and prepare special offers. A shop owner can pick incomplete orders and re-market to those customers for conversion.

  One product, multiple categories

A product in SeoQart can be linked with multiple categories. For example, if you are selling furniture, you may have a product called Wooden Chair made of teak wood. You can link the same product with a category called Chairs and may be with a category called Teak Furniture. This way the chair will be found on the search results when customers are searching for Wooden chair or teak furniture.


  Email marketing

SeoQart has a built in email marketing system. This allows you to create email lists, create email copy, attach brochures and do a mailshot.

  Unlimited bandwidth*

Unlike many online shop providers, we do not meter the bandwidth that you use on a day-to-day basis. you will just pay one monthly fee.



SeoQart allows you to capture addresses for your Newsletters. This can be enabled or disabled via the admin panel.

  Unlimited Disk Space*

Some SeoQart packages can be bought with unlimited disk space. Please talk to our sales department.


  Social Media Integration

Social Media, such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube integration is supported out of box.

  Unlimited Navigation Menus

SeoQart has a state of the art navigation system that allows you to build the entire navigation structure in a hierarchical way. These menus can be linked with internal or external pages. You can define the page opening behaviour as whether it should open in the same window or in a new window.


  Google AdWord and Analytics

SeoQart allows you to add AdWord code into any page that you like. This is useful to track conversion via your AdWord account with Google.

  Banner Management System

Promotional Banners are very important to attract visitors and to display offers. They can also be helpful to keep the online shop fresh and live. SeoQart’s banner management system allows you to upload banners and link them with several designated areas of the online shop. This kind of features keeps you ahead of your competitors as you are better positioned to respond to the market change or the competition.


  Reports, Charts and graphs

Statistical data is presented through reports, charts and graphs. A shop owner can setup and save frequently used searches for producing such reports.

  Content Management System

SeoQart comes with its own Content Management System. This can be used to build static pages, blogs, banners and other website collateral.


  CRM integration

SeoQart admin panel has a built in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. The entire history of customer communication, orders, emails, invoices, payments and phone conversation (when bought with a compatible phone system) can be kept.

  Unlimited Static Pages

SeoQart allows you to create unlimited static pages. These pages can be very useful for SEO Purposes. You create a page from scratch and write your own html or you can simply copy an existing page and change its contents.


  Keyword Collection with the order

A unique feature that lets a shop owner see where the order has come from, how did the customer find his business, what keyword was used, which referrer or search engine it came via and the shopper’s location and IP address. Keywords are collected in the database to optimise search-marketing campaigns. This is a VERY powerful feature and can save you thousands on Google and Bing AdWord campaigns as you can clearly see the converting keywords with each online or telephone order.

  Videos and YouTube

Videos and YouTube are vital for an online shop promotion these days. SeoQart allows you to add any number of videos to your online store.


  Dispatch Notes

Order Management module allows you to print dispatch notes and attach with the shipment.

  Multiple Operators per Online

SeoQart allows an online shop owner total control over who see what at the admin panel. A shop owner can create multiple users and assign appropriate permissions to various users. This is useful when a shop owner wants to prevent ordinary users making changes to the shop front or accessing supplier or purchasing information.


  Return Management

Managing returns and restocking can be a bit of work, but not with SeoQart.

  Support for Payment Gateways

SeoQart supports all major payment gateways Out of the box, such as ePDQ, RBS, SagePay etc. We also offer custom integration of any payment gateway that you may already have. Please speak to our sales department for more information.


  General Ledger

SeoQart has a built in general ledger system that keeps track of all receivable and payable accounts, including customers and suppliers.

  PayPal and Google Checkout

PayPal and Google checkout methods of payments are supported Out of the box. You just need to fill in your PayPal and/or Google merchant account details.


  Stock Control

SeoQart stock control system allows you to manage stock efficiently and keep track of the supply chain. Automatic orders can be submitted to the preferred suppliers based on the stock level or other parameters.

  Pay by Cheque

SeoQart supports payment by cheque. This is useful when you have just started selling online and do not yet have a merchant account. It is also useful for your existing clients to quickly submit an order.


  Telephone Orders

SeoQart shop owners or operators can take orders over the phone and manage them under one single system. Telephone orders are created directly at the admin panel, yet customers accounts on the shop can be created for future orders. This can be useful if you want your customers to pay online so that he/she can go through the Secured by Visa process.